Benefits of Competition

It's a truly American idea: a competitive marketplace leads to better service, market innovation and above all lower prices.

Most of us have known this basic free-enterprise lesson since childhood. But when it comes to competition in the electric utility industry, the lesson must be relearned. Thankfully, the competition story is still a true one.

Arizonans deserve lower electric bills.

When companies are allowed to compete for your business, the power of the marketplace shifts from the provider of the electricity to the consumer of it. This is a dramatic change from the old regulated-monopoly model and sure to bring with it benefits unforeseen under current conditions.

To compete, providers of electricity will have to increase efficiency and will be compelled to act as if they really want your business. Factors like service, reputation, and of course pricing will come into play. In addition, entrepreneurs will invent new and exciting ways to use electricity and save on high utility bills.

As a consumer, you will get to choose your retail electricity provider just as you select other companies with which to do business. If you're dissatisfied, then you can choose another provider. Consumers who don't wish to participate in the competitive model can stay with their current provider.

Remember - the transition and distribution of electricity will remain unchanged. This means you will still call the local power company if there is trouble with your service.

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